Tuesday, 18 December 2012

19/12/2012 Masa yang tidak pernah ditunggu.

Assalamualaikum. Today is the day to take the pmr result. Dush. Cepat banget sih *tetiba indon* hahahaha. Tutup buka makan tidur mandi online and now?. Aduh. I really really nervous -.- only god knows what i feel right now. ahhhhhhh. if i can have a time machine, i will stop the time. Can I just answering pmr but i don't want to know the result? Can meh? I really scared if i'm disappointed my family, teachers, friends and especially MYSELF! I can't prove to the people who let me down that I can too! Not only them. Bukan diorang saja yg boleh berjaya. Me too! Plus thanks dgn segala hinaan, cacian and so on. I can't tell. I will blame myself. You know, I don't give high expectation for my result. Cause I know I don't do the best before this. Tsk. I regret. But someone says, we can't regret. So I just take it as advice. No regret. And.. if I fail.. nauzubillahminzalik. I will redho and study lebih baik tahun hadapan. Spm masih ada. Perasan tak aku merapu? Hahahaha you should stop me. Btw wish me luck ya! xoxo.

'Segala kata cacian yang telah engkau berikan takkan membuat markah pmr ku kosong kosong~'

Lol. Hahahaha just jk okey. 

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