Saturday, 9 February 2013


Bonjour bloggers. This is my first post on 2013. Pathetic right? Hahahaha. My lappy getting stupid. You know what, I just want to throw it. Unfortunately, I'm not a daughter from a rich family. Well, my status changed. Single mingle and believable. So, I can say this is my first post since I'm being single. Luls can I? To talk about it, that is not a sweet moment that I've to shared. Of course that's hurt! Hurt as a superman lost his underwear. Haha jk jk. Now, I'm going to sixteen. A beauty and cute sixteen. Lately I being a nerd student in my class. But wait, it still doesn't mean I focus for all my teachers said. Hahaha I mean, I still blur. Okay boo me. One thing that you guys should know, my grammar is getting worst! Omgomgomg. This is the reason why I start write my blog in English languages. I want to improve. I believe on 'Practices makes Perfect'. 

I want to say Happy Chineese New Year and happy holiday. Tomorrow is my brother's wedding. Guess what? Aku jadi pengapit! Oh man.. Idk what should I do now. Ahhh it must be awkward urghhh. Although this is not my first time be a 'pengapit' but I still can't calm. Nevermind, just see how it will. Okay bye. Nice day ahead.

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